In today’s competitive marketplace, companies are battling to reduce costs while simultaneously gaining greater efficiencies. Although these seem like two competing concepts, the IT world has a different perspective. Industry leading companies, like IBM, have developed a wide range of new technologies that meet the growing needs of modern businesses while satisfying the need for a quick return on investment. Here are 3 hardware upgrades that can optimize the performance of companies in 2014 and adapt to the modern pace of business:

System x – IBM’s slogan for this new line of servers is “fast deployment, even easier administration.” With cloud, high availability, self-service portals, and single points of management features built right in, IBM System x servers are designed to reduce complexity and operational costs while driving higher efficiency. These servers are also built to optimize workloads and handle those surges in data, giving organizations an edge with better decision making. To make it ever sweeter, System x servers are great to run with applications. Memories are easy to extend, and you can run more virtual machines per processor. The fact is that you can simplify your IT environment with these machines while drawing more function than your existing technology.

Storwize – For storage, IBM Storwize is the top-of-the-line product on the market today. With Real-time Compression, it can compress 5 times the data of legacy machines, which reduces a company’s need for storage administrators by half. Companies that upgrade to the Storwize family of storage devices experience an average of 30 percent less capacity growth. This means instead of budgeting for new storage every quarter, companies can take on other projects to further improve the efficiency of their IT infrastructures. On top of these cost savings, Storwize simply does more than legacy systems, including storage virtualization, data migration, and thin provisioning.

For over a decade, IBM has been a strong partner of Professional Computer Services (PCS), giving our experts access to the latest technologies as they hit the market. With specialized certifications in System x, Storwize, and PureSystems, our experts help companies gain great cost savings from their technology investments while outpacing competitors. Discover how we can help your company and reach out to a PCS specialist today!