What do you do when your network pops a tire – when speeds start to dip and outages become a common occurrence? Businesses depend on reliable performance from their networks to fuel the efficiencies of their employees and keep profits booming. Here are 5 tips on how to keep your network functioning at full capacity:

  1. Prioritize applications – Want to keep business booming? Make sure your employees have the tools to get their jobs done efficiently and effectively. Prioritize processors to ensure that business-critical applications are indeed taking priority over the less important traffic. Bottlenecking applications can slow the speed of a company to a crawl, especially during peak hours. Be smart about your bandwidth.
  2. Educate your users – Make sure your employees understand the effect that streaming videos at lunch can have on the entire company’s network speed. Even passing on copies of PowerPoint presentations on drives instead of by email can have a huge effect. Also, holding workshops on security and safe practices is never a bad idea. A network is only as secure as its weakest endpoint, after all, and preventative measures may pay off in the end in a big way.
  3. Utilize Compression Technologies – With the latest surge in Big Data, compression has become a necessity in every network. By upgrading software and processors, like IBM FlashSystem, organizations can get their hands on improved algorithms that have the ability to ferret out, organize, and group together a wide spread of data sets faster. This can save precious bandwidth and processing power on your network.
  4. Know your network – Does your staff know the best processes and procedures to isolate problems and trouble areas on your network? Requirements change all the time, as well as traffic patterns, applications, and so on. Make sure everyone is one the same page when it comes to best practices and configurations.
  5. Build Defenses Against Junk Traffic – From antivirus and malware software to spam filters and firewalls, keeping your network protection is monumental in preventing viruses and other mal-intent programs from taking root and wreaking havoc.

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