The world is going nuts – for virtualization. According to Enterprise Systems, analysts are projecting that for the majority of companies, more than 50% of workloads will be virtualized and some companies will be approaching 100% virtualization.[1] The trend is so prevalent and widespread that year 2013 may go down as the year when virtually every conceivable cost cutting service and technology became an “__aaS.”

It all started in ancient times with Software as a Service. Today there are hundreds of examples. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones, according to New Tech:

  • Backup as a Service (BaaS) – Offers companies the ability to do their backups in the cloud. This has become a viable option with the decrease in the cost of online storage.
  • Communications as a Service (CaaS) – A hybrid solutions with a mix of onsite infrastructure integrated with off-premises based services—also known as UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service.
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – A virtual desktop deliver “on demand” This can be delivered from the cloud or just delivered from the organization’s data center.
  • Hardware as a Service (HaaS) – More than just leasing PCs, this service provides full desktop lifecycle including procurement and replacement of PCs, proactive patching and OS level software and IT monitoring.
  • Identity as a Service (IaaS) – This offers identity and access management including administration, auditing and verification for cloud based service.
  • Storage as a Service (SaaS) – With the reduced cost of storage, storing large files in the cloud has become a viable solution for things like backup and hosting rich content.

An essential common denominator in making the most effective advantage of these as-a-service solutions is superior hardware and software.  And an ideal combination to help organizations to bridge the virtualization gap—and way beyond is IBM and VMware. The latest IBM xSeries features built-in partitioning compatibility for VMware virtualization solutions.

In fact, the IBM and VMware partnership goes back to the days when IBM became VMware’s first authorized reseller for VMware products. VMware extends IBM’s virtualization capability across the entire xSeries and industry-standard BladeCenter servers. It’s no wonder IBM has been a go-to partner for VMware to develop joint solutions that cover the entire end-to-end infrastructure landscape.

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