In order for businesses to stay competitive, they must possess an IT infrastructure that’s cost effective and optimized for performance. Every company’s goal should be to run a technology environment smoothly without hiccups or interruptions. Virtualization is one of the many ways businesses can achieve high performance levels without breaking the budget.

While the benefits of virtualization run wide, here are just a few that can get the gears of your IT infrastructure turning:

  • Cut back on the cost of hardware. In a study done by IDG Research Services, 81% of IT decision makers agreed that virtualization significantly cuts costs through server consolidation. By shifting servers from a physical environment into a virtual environment, companies reduce the need for monitoring performance levels, maintenance, and routine hardware replacement.
  • Reduce energy use.  Much like older cars that aren’t fuel efficient, aged hardware has difficulty making the most out of the energy companies put into them. Energy-conscious methods like virtualization allow your IT infrastructure to be unified into a single working platform. Large companies like IBM offer server virtualization solutions that reduce energy consumption, cooling requirements, and your carbon footprint.
  • Unify your workforce. Virtual desktop platforms allow members of a company’s workforce to access applications virtually anywhere via the cloud. The ability for employees to utilize company assets regardless of location can empower your workforce to have a sense of connectivity while expanding into the world. Desktop virtualization also extends the lifespan of your most business critical applications.
  • Simplify management. Virtualization doesn’t have to stay within the confines of servers and desktops. With a complete virtualization of company hardware and software infrastructure, IT departments can become a lot easier to manage. A fully unified IT infrastructure not only reduces complexity for management, but improves overall efficiency of your business.
  • Reduce the chance of downtime. It’s no secret that the cost of downtime does not come cheap. Downtime not only makes an impact on large corporations, but small businesses as well. A virtual environment provides breathing room in case of natural disaster, or unplanned outages.

The need for high performance and efficiency in IT infrastructures is crucial for companies to keep up in our fast-paced world. Virtualization can act as a source for simplicity, unity, and efficiency in the crazy hub of an IT environment. Whether it’s desktop, server, application, or entire infrastructure virtualization, there’s always a way to keep the engine of your IT infrastructure purring like a kitten and running at full speed.

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