Server Solutions

The backbone of your organization’s IT infrastructure needs to be unbreakable to ensure the highest level of productivity and performance. IBM System x and Storage solutions are geared to withstand the biggest data surges and most demanding application workloads for today and well into the future.

System x

System x will help you achieve benchmarks within your industry for the most efficient, scalable and dynamic IT performance possible.

The bottom line for System x: It is the solution for organizations looking to break out of their existing technology shell and continue onward along an accelerated growth path. In that regard, System x is much more than a server; it is a complete solution purpose-built to maximize memory, minimize cost and simplify deployment.

IBM Storage

Think about how quickly your data is growing and the different flight paths it may take to the cloud and analytical platforms.

For most organizations, their current storage technology and processes are not designed to stretch beyond its current capacity. With IBM Storage you get the best of both worlds: reduced space requirements for data by up to 80 percent, and more intelligent, automated storage that is cloud agile.

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