To maximize the efficiency of IT infrastructure, virtualization is not only an option; it is fast becoming a necessity. Organizations that virtualize stand a better chance to cut back on hardware costs, save big on energy usage, and improve the overall utilization of their core systems.

Professional Computer Services is at the forefront of the virtual movement. As a trusted and valued VMware partner, we can offer a variety of virtualization solutions, including:

  • Desktop virtualization: Employ desktops as a service to enhance the lifespan of your most critical applications and empower your workforce with remote, cloud-based access.
  • Server virtualization: Consolidating your physical servers onto virtual machines is the optimal way to transform your IT infrastructure into a unified, cost-efficient and energy-conscious environment.
  • Application virtualization: Don’t get caught off guard when you deploy your applications. By virtualizing your applications, you can get a bead on available resources across your physical servers to prevent against overprovisioning.
  • Infrastructure virtualization: Virtualization is not limited to your desktops and servers. By virtualizing your entire hardware and software landscape—including storage and networking—you can improve uptime and stave off management complexity.

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