PCS and Lenovo

Lenovo is one of our closest business partners, and we worked with them on the sponsorship for the Sask Cycling Mountain Bike and Cross Bike race season.

One of Lenovo’s mantra’s is: For those who do.

If you have made it to this site, then you have one of the the Lenovo and PCS water bottles.

We have 2 ways to get your name into the draw prize:

  • Take a photo of you, doing your sport with the bottle and tweet it to: @Lenovo_Canada @PCSsaskatoon #pcsbottles
  • Take a photo of you, at your office, with your Lenovo equipment and tweet it to: @Lenovo_Canada @PCSsaskatoon #pcsbottles

When you tweet the photo, include where you are!

You can do this up to 5 times for 5 draw entries.

The draw won’t be until the end of October, and once we are getting closer, we will announce what the prize will be.

Contact the PCS team at 306.665.1500 or by clicking here.