Companies on the fence about managed services should take this point under consideration: Don’t let IT complexity overwhelm your internal IT department. For small and midsize businesses, not having enough resources and manpower to keep pace with their growing departmental needs is fairly commonplace. Getting help is the best way to ensure your workforce is focused on solving core business pains and challenges, as opposed to routine IT checks and support.

Managed service providers (MSPs) are in demand now more than ever. According to research conducted by CompTIA, roughly half of IT firms today report offering at least some managed services. Overall, more channels have embraced managed services for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Predictable costs: Small and medium-sized businesses benefit from agreeing to a monthly, contracted fee. They can better gage the payments that are required, particularly on an annual basis. Having a set, fixed payment structure is especially crucial for forecasting budgets. Conversely, organizations that incur unpredictable costs associated with their ever-changing IT needs may be at a disadvantage.
  • Handling IT complexity: Turning to an MSP can help your internal team handle different workloads and increase their overall management potential. After all, MSPs have the knowledge and experience to guide internal IT departments through a wide range of scenarios. This can also help organizations gain better overall time-to-value, as opposed to burning more time on management responsibilities.
  • Streamlining operations for better business output: Ultimately, having a smoother process for dealing with IT management complexity only helps an organization capitalize on their IT investments. Instead of worrying about whether your technology works, you are using your technology to innovate and make mission-critical decisions.

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